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Olton ISD



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    School Song                                                            

Our hearts are filled with gladness                                                

    And pride in Olton High.                                        

We'll play the game the livelong day,                        

    Dishonor ne'er draws nigh.                             

We'll spend our lives in service                                

    For she has taught us how.                                          

So here's our pledge, we'll do our best

    For Olton High School now.


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Fight Song

Hail to the colors we love,

Let us fight for the blue and the white.

Proudly her praises we sing,

To the ages may they ring!

So fight Mustangs, fight Mustangs, fight!

May you bring honor and glory to her colors.

So fight Mustangs, fight Mustangs, fight, fight, fight,

For O-H-S, for O-H-S we'll always love you.